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Mobile app using machine learning to recognize licence plates of stolen cars in real time.

Original state

HAKA operates social network groups and mobile apps enabling the general public to report stolen and found vehicles.


Increase the user engagement without the need of creating manual records.

Develop a real time image recognition of licence plates while driving and compare them on the fly with a database of stolen cars.

How We Got There

  • Through machine learning we created a library checking the licence plates on the go and pairing them with the car models.

  • We picked Xamarin Forms for this mobile application because it has near-native experience across multiple platforms.

  • Camera functionality was programmed separately for Android and iOS.

  • Android is using Tensorflow as an ML library.

  • iOS is using Vision which is native library developed by Apple.

The real value

  • Eight-fold increase in the quantity of searched vehicles with no demand of increased effort by the users.

  • Accessibility - Hakatron can be used by anybody with car and a smartphone.

  • No need to set up or manually input license plates. Just turn on the app and drive.

  • Interface design

  • iOS and Android implementation

  • Testing in traffic

  • Releases to the Apple app store and Google Play

  • Tech support

  • iOS native ML core

  • Android native ML core

  • UI Xamarin Forms wrapper

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