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Tired of messy code, boring projects, poorly designed architecture, corporate restrictions or lack of vision, strategy and management? Let’s talk.

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Our Values

  • If we don’t see the value, we won’t do it just for the money
  • Start working only after ensuring everybody exactly knows what to do
  • Do it for others as if you were doing it for yourself

What you get

Free coffee and fruit are nice but we think real perks can’t be bought in a grocery store.

We value your time, independence & self-discipline and offer above-market average compensation, friendly environment, professional approach and a lot of stupid jokes.

But yes, we have a coffee machine and there is the biggest open-air food market in the city 100 m from the office.

  • Full administration setting up and managing your freelance
  • Meaningful projects
  • Skilled and cooperative colleagues
  • Positive mindset and problem-solving attitude
  • No unnecessary overtime
  • Out of office activities

Tech Stack

  • laravel

Tool Stack

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