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Tired of messy code, boring projects, poorly designed architecture, corporate restrictions or lack of vision, strategy and management? Let’s talk.

Front-end Engineer


2,400 to 3,200 €/mo.
(re-evaluated every 6 months)





Tech Stack

React, React Native, GraphQL, HTML, CSS, JS

Tool Stack

GitLab, GitHub, Jira, Slack, Google Cloud


  • Work in a team of skilled and cooperative frontend and backend engineers

  • Constructive criticism, friendly environment - we value constant questioning and bringing new ideas

  • Boost your personality skillset

  • Take part in software architecture design


  • You write automated tests

  • Do not reinvent the wheel - be effective/efficient

  • Understanding of proper software engineering life cycle

  • Non-technology specific

  • You're pro-active in searching for new tools and tech that can help your colleagues and push our projects forward

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